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Plenary Speakers

Zuo Xu


Update time:2022-02-25 13:33

Mr. Xu Zuo is one of the eleven founder of CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd, the first manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheel in China’s mainland. With 32 years working experiences in the f front line since 1987, devoted himself to the lightweight design of aluminum auto parts. Centering on fundamental and application fields, such as aluminum alloy material, forming process and equipment, performance evaluation and modular manufacturing, Mr. Xu has undertaken large amounts of research works, and a lot of achievements and explorations have been made, and has been the main promoter for lightweight field of aluminum auto parts in China.


Together with his team, 28 manufacturing bases are under operation across the world with Independent intellectual property technology and innovative management mode. So far CITIC Dicastal has become one of the largest supplier in auto aluminum parts, and has been ranked first in the world for 14 years in aluminum alloy wheels with 88 million units per year. Besides, steering knuckles and other auto parts have reached 100,000 tons per year. 

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